Name That Tune (5 March 2023)

Anybody fancy a bit of fun? Exercise your memory?

I’m going to present a famous tune. I guarantee, it’ll be one you’ve heard. But the catch is, I’m not going to tell you what the tune is. Instead, I’m going to give you five clues. Can you guess the tune from my clues?

But it’s the weekend; I want this to be fun, so I’ll actually present the tune at the foot of the post. Maybe you’d like to share with us which clue gave it away?

So, are you up for a challenge?


My song today is considered to be this artist’s signature tune. It was his debut single, gives rise to one of the artist’s nicknames, and also the name of the album on which it appeared.


The artist is synonymous with New York City. He was born in 1949 in The Bronx, grew up on Long Island, and was active from the mid-Sixties, playing in two bands, The Hassles and Atilla, before going solo in 1971. He has never looked back, releasing today’s song in 1973.


Although the characters in the song were based on real people, the song is a fictionalised version of one of the artist’s early stopgap jobs in a lounge bar.


As his first single, the song reached “only” #25 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the album only #27. He has had many more hits over the years, though, including #1s. He’s the fourth-best-selling solo artist (ever) in the USA, has released thirteen studio albums (twelve rock/pop and one classical!), and has sold over a million records worldwide. I think you’ll have heard of him!


Despite later chart successes, we might think that the artist has criminal tendencies, when he proclaimed his innocence in 1983, and also denied arson in 1989.

Oh, and he famously married an “uptown girl”!

So, do you know the answer? Which clue gave it away? Answer below.

Billy Joel – Piano Man


  1. #4 and of course the Uptown girl ( being a graceful host you gave that last hint for those of us still on the first cup of coffee😊…which is my excuse for my dying brain cells😄)

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