NAME THAT TUNE (May 14, 2023)

Welcome back for another chance to Name That Tune!

I’ve got some clues for you; let’s see if you can come up with the correct name of today’s song and the group that made it a hit.

Here are your clues:

  1. The featured group today is by far one of the most popular to come out of Scandinavia.
  2. Today’s song, which is about dancing at a disco, has a joyful meaning which resonated with many American listeners.
  3. The name of this quartet changed several times before they settled on an acronym using the initials of the group member’s first names.
  4. The featured song today was used in a 2008 movie with the same name as another hit song by this group.
  5. The members of this group were two married couples who eventually met their Waterloo, resulting in divorce for both couples.

Are you feeling lucky today? Did you guess the group and its song? Scroll down for the big reveal.

Of course! ABBA is the group and today’s song is the disco hit “Dancing Queen”.

Now here’s the video. Everybody up on the dancefloor!

That was fun and who doesn’t like a little disco! Did you break out your spandex and platform shoes?

Do you enjoy disco dancing? What’s your favorite disco song? Let us know by leaving a comment or posting a video.

Don’t forget to join Pete tomorrow in Breaktime Whodunnit. It’s going to be a fun week in The Rhythm Section.

I’m outta here, boys and girls!

See you on the flip side.

I’m The Sicilian Storyteller

NAR © 2023


  1. I knew it was ABBA straight away and while I thought it was Dancing Queen, the movie was a curveball. I thought it might have been Mamma Mia.
    I love disco, it’s such joyful music. The world needs more joy. There are many good bands – for example I love Boney M – but if I had to pick my disco favourite, it would have to be the song below. I was just ten when it came out so had no real awareness of the gay/straight thing, it is just happy music.

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    1. ABBA is right, of course!
      You picked a great one with the Village People, Pete. I didn’t even think of them when I was doing this disco post.
      Being a tad older than you, disco was a part of my life back in the 70s, We went to all the clubs and had a “ball”. All that dancing probably contributed to my wanky knees today but it was fun back then! 🕺🏻
      I must admit I don’t know Boney M.

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    2. Just one small point I’d like to make. When someone reads my clues, they’ll see a couple of italicized words thrown in. They are italicized to make the hint more obvious; in this case the word dancing is highlighted because that word is part of the answer (Dancing Queen). It’s all in the clues and how they are written out. I try my best when writing the clues to make sure everyone has an equal shot at answering the questions correctly. The secret is the clues within the clues.

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  2. The build up to the Dancing Queen refrain is so iconic! The enthusiasm erupting at the dance floor upon its arrival can only be matched by Daddy Cool or Stayin’ Alive intro!

    Bacardi Coke anyone?😀

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    1. Right you are, Nick! This song and Stayin’ Alive are my favorites from this era, and let’s not forget It’s Raining Men! 🤣
      I don’t think I could look at a Bacardi Coke ever again without 🤢 Living the “high” life back then! 🤤

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  3. I knew it was ABBA from your first clue and “Dancing Queen” from your second clue. I was never an ABBA fan until my wife dragged me to see the live stage show of “Mamma Mia,” which I really enjoyed. The two movies, not so much.

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  4. Now, although I’m not very musical, I guessed ABBA straight away, but then went down the Mamma Mia path. As for the movies… fun to watch, even the singing… although, as I often say, I’m not very musical.

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    1. PS – Take a look at my reply to Mr. Bump’s comment; I mention clues within the clues. The word dancing in question #2 is italicized for a reason. It’s a hint that that word plays an important role in the answer; in this case it is part of the answer itself … Dancing Queen. See the method to my madness? 😉

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      1. I do look for clues, and sometimes they jump out at me! But then I find myself going down a different rabbit hole! 🤣


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