IN THE GROOVE (May 16, 2023)

Welcome back to In The Groove. Today I’ve got a hot little number for you – not just the song but the singer as well.

Take the #1 female singer in the country music scene and give her a crossover country rock song to sing and you’ve got “Before He Cheats”, a song which tells the story of a woman taking her anger and revenge out on her cheating lover.

Here is Carrie Underwood singing “Before He Cheats” from her 2005 debut album.

Hell hath no fury like Carrie Underwood swinging a Louisville Slugger!

So here’s my question of the day:

Carrie Underwood got her big break by winning the American version of a highly televised international reality talent show franchise originally hosted in the U.S. by Ryan Seacrest and judged by Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. What is the name of the show that propelled Carrie Underwood into the world of mega-stardom?

To see if you got the answer right, check the bottom of the page.

Thanks for hanging out with me here In The Groove. Have a great day; let’s meet up again next week.

I wonder what Deb’s got coming up tomorrow.

See you on the flip side.

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The answer to today’s question is …. American Idol. How’d you do?


  1. Nope, no idea. Do you know I never watched one of those talent shows? Cheap tv. I’ve never heard of her either but Country music tends to send me running away screaming. It’s so doleful. Gimme that disco you played anyday.

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      1. Hey, Misk! As I mentioned to Pete, I do not watch reality TV … with the exception of one show and that WAS American Idol. I haven’t watched in a long time because of changes to the show with I didn’t like but have since started watching America’s Got Talent. As I said, I love music and talent competitions so this is the perfect marriage and I enjoy it.
        I do not watch “Blue Lights” – that’s about the rookie cops in Ireland, no? I watch a couple of BBC productions which I really enjoy: All Creatures Great and Small, Grantchester, Downton Abbey … but no bake offs or Kardashians. In fact, I watch very little TV and oddly, nothing American except AGT. I am trying to preserve what few brain cells I have left. 🤣 Sadly, not much “proper telly” exists any longer.


    1. Reply to Pete: Not sure why my reply ended up all the way down here!) Anyway…

      I used to feel that way about Country but I didn’t dismiss it out of hand. When I was in rehab for my first knee operation, Country was all my therapist listened to. It has some incredibly soulful and recuperative sounds when I gave it a chance. The dirt’s been wiped off boots, the straw has been pulled out of mussed up hair and the toothpick’s been spit out. It’s all polished up and shiny and if the result is someone who looks and sounds like Carrie Underwood and Alison Krauss or Australia’s Keith Urban and Joe Robinson, I’m all in.

      PS – American Idol WAS the only reality show I will or have ever watched. I love music and I’ve always enjoyed talent show so for me it’s a perfect match. Now it’s America’s Got Talent.

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  2. Country- rock hybrid…yeap, that’s it!

    Contrary to what most would expect, I like Country music a Lot!
    It is one of my go to while driving at endless roads with no destination in mind.

    So, yeah… I like several Carrie’s songs…especially the ones where the Country DNA is prominent.

    And I also like the fact that she completely shatters the blonde- mindless-bimbo stereotype… a look at her bio is enough 😎

    Simon was at all of them, so I could not be sure. But let me tell ya, courtesy of YouTube, I have seen some incredible performances from the most unexpected people.

    Loved it, Nancy!
    Now, if you’ll excuse me ma’am, I will Get Out Of That Truck, I’m hearing Church Bells, whi’s that?…oh, The Champion.

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    1. For someone who is open to all genres of music, this does not surprise me at all, Nick. You’re so right about shattering the blonde mindless bimbo stereotype or the toothpick-chomping, overall-wearing farmer. That’s Blue Grass and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s your thing.

      Yes, Simon Cowell is behind the entire franchise of Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, Germany’s Got Talent etc, etc. It’s globally popular and universally well-known. And guess what? You don’t even have to be a fan or watch the shows to at least be aware of them.

      Damn, Nick! Carrie + Ludacris doing The Champion = 😎 🤯

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      1. 😊😎

        Allow me to share one of my most favorite Country songs… Wings by Jackson Dean ( it remains in my most replayed songs list by Spotify, ever since it came out)

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  3. I’m assuming American Idol, but seriously, she carved her name into the seats? That doesn’t kind of point to the guilty party. 🙄

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    1. Oh, for sure! Simon is well-known for his caustic remarks. On the other hand, he knows what it takes to make it in the music industry and there are times when he had to be blunt. Just like America’s Got Talent, I watch to see the performers, not the judges, but I totally get where you’re coming from.

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