Name That Tune (21 May 2023)

Anybody fancy a bit of fun? Exercise your memory?

I’m going to present a famous tune. I guarantee, it’ll be one you’ve heard. But the catch is, I’m not going to tell you what the tune is. Instead, I’m going to give you five clues. Can you guess the tune from my clues?

But it’s the weekend; I want this to be fun, so I’ll actually present the tune at the foot of the post. Maybe you’d like to share with us which clue gave it away?

So, are you up for a challenge?


The title of my song today is the combination of a city in Tennessee, USA, about 350mi from Memphis, and a form of transport.


This might well be the oldest song we feature on the Rhythm Section, going right back to the days of World War II. The lead of the band which performed this tune, although a megastar of the time, tragically died in the conflict, aged just forty.


To guess the band, though, you need to think BIG!


As for the mode of transport, if you’re getting all steamed up, you’ll be on the right track!


And as for the band, if they took you for a moonlight serenade, do you think you’d get in the mood?

So, do you know the answer? Which clue gave it away? Answer below.

Glenn Miller / Chattanooga Choo Choo


  1. I love music from the 30s and 40s, between the two WW.
    But I can’t say I have memorized the details.
    And I can always invoke the WWD…
    World Whiskey Day yesterday…so my single malt deposit is significantly lower today 😄

    Big bands of that era and Sunday morning… great combination, Pete!

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    1. i have mostly steered clear of whisk(e)y since my teens, when I found I could not get up for school the next morning! I have an affection for Irish, though. There are a few nights where I have no recollection of getting home – one of them is thanks to Kilbeggan!

      But I generally take these “days” with a pinch of salt. Every day is some day or other. It’s like the catholicsnd their saints.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I hear ya. I have entered the world of single malt whiskey ( with the e since I am currently having an Irish one) some 10 years ago. For me the heavier the peat/ smokiness, the better!

        I don’t follow any of those “days”.
        You are spot on about them.
        But I couldn’t resist an 18% discount they gave me yesterday😉

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