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Welcome to World Music – a musical journey around the world. The object of this segment is to showcase artists from around the world, and in particular the musical styles synonymous with each country. We’re nearly at the mid-way point this week, and we’re off to


Music of Lithuania refers to all forms of music associated with Lithuania, which has a long history of the folk, popular and classical musical development. Music was an important part of polytheistic, pre-Christian Lithuania – rituals were accompanied by music instruments and singing, deeds of the heroes and those who didn’t return from the war were celebrated in songs.

Traditional Music

I hope you enjoy this lively music from Lithuania

Featured Artist

Estradinės Melodijos

Lithuanian conductor, composer, arranger . In 1955, he founded the student variety orchestra of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. In 1957, he was the leader of the youth variety orchestra of the Culture Department of the city of Kaunas (with this group, in 1957, he won the 3rd place at the 6th World Democratic Youth and Student Festival in Moscow), in 1957-66, the Lithuanian Philharmonic Variety Orchestra, in 1966-89, the Estradinės Melodys ensemblemanager. He performed with this ensemble in the Far East, Central Asia, Moscow, Leningrad, Moldavia, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia. In 1984, he graduated from the Lithuanian Conservatory (specialty for cultural education workers of Klaipėda faculties).

This week I’d like to ask your opinion on how groups/individuals present themselves. Do you think a collective look, like this week’s featured artist works adds to the appeal, or do you think individual style more important?

Take a second and add a comment or a video of your own. We can’t wait to see what you have to say!

See you next Wednesday for our next destination in this music journey, and don’t forget your passport.

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  1. Folk music is always appealing to me. The older, the better!

    To your question: I believe it is a matter of contemporary cultural references.
    Besides, if a band is identified as an ensemble then a uniformity in presentation accentuates the sum of the parts.
    That being said, an artist should feel comfortable to maintain identifiable presence – beyond what marketing gurus and poll experts propose.

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    1. Agree totally Spira. A band dressed uniformly presents unity, but unity should never be at the expense of individuality. 😊

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  2. This was so much fun, Deb! I felt like I was at a wedding after having entirely too much to drink! I mean, who doesn’t love a good polka? The traditional group was excellent and had a lot of energy. Big sound for three guys.
    The featured artist of the day was pretty far out … a little bit of blues, a little bit of jazz and a little bit of big band. I loved it and the horn players were out of sight! A very cool and different sound.
    Great fun choices today!
    Re you question: I don’t have a definitive answer/opinion. It is entirely up to the artists in question.

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    1. I know, I felt like a silent spectator at a traditional wedding. I was waiting for the bottle to be passed, and ai simply adore big band. They were such a neat tidy outfit, you could almost hear them thinking as they played 😊

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  3. Dunno, really. Bands like The Beatles started off with a common appearance, and look where it got them! I don’t think it’s overly important, as they probably recognised when they found they sold records anyway! Might be more important these days as most songs come with some form of video.
    Music is pleasant enough but I wouldn’t go overboard. It helps that it’s a bit jazz which I can listen to anyway.

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    1. That’s an interesting point, Pete. I heard Ringo talking on the radio the other day about the first suits The Beatles wore. He said they went into a Pierre Cardin shop and spent just about every dime they had on a new suit. Everyone thought they were absolutely brilliant when all they were trying to do was look nice!

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      1. I remember them looking very smart, which was kinda what the world expected in 1962. My image of them, then, was as a quartet of cheeky but lovable kids, and I’m sure that can’t have harmed their popularity at all.

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